About RazorClams.com

Quality Clam Gear, Period.

Our Razor Clam Equipment is designed to be durable and last season after season and tide after tide. All of our clam gear comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Our clam equipment was designed after trial and error. We've seen, tried, and tested many designs and shapes, and offer only the proven solid designs of clam guns, clam nets, and clam shovels. Our clam equipment is made of better materials and constructed better than anything else offered on the market today.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Product Spotlight

Stainless Steel Razor Clam Gun with Vacuum  Release Feature

If you are tired of fighting against the sand while pulling up your clam gun full of wet sand (and hopefully a monster clam!), give our Stainless Steel Clam Gun with Vacuum Release a try. The unique design breaks the sand tension, which allows you to easily pull the gun out of the sand! The only drawback to the design is that we did not think of it sooner.

We also offer wholesale pricing to qualified retail stores, as well as hospitality discounts to hotels, motels, and beach rentals. Large group purchases are also welcome.

Please contact us for more information.