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Quality and durability are hallmarks of our PVC line of Razor Clam Guns. All PVC Guns have a 4" tube size, along with a single piece handle. The Tube is made of UV-Resistant PVC, made in Washington. We offer 3 sizes of PVC Plastic Clam Guns:

Our "Junior" Clam Gun is 24" high, and perfect for those about 12 years and younger. 

Our "Standard" Clam Gun is 30" high, our most popular model!

Our "Senior" Clam Gun is 36" high, which provides less stooping while digging.

With durable, lifetime welds, our Aluminum Clam Guns offers a sturdy dig every time. The Aluminum Clam Gun has a 5" tube size, and is 32" high. The All-Alumium construction has re-enforced welds at the handle connector.

We offer 4 colors in the Aluminum Series:

For those who prefer a shovel over a gun, we offer a Clam Shovel to suit any taste.

Our Stainless Steel Blade is 9" in length, with your choice of 27" or 41" flush-fit oak handles.

Our Tempered Steel Blades come in 9" or 11" blade lengths, with your choice of 27" or 41" flush-fit oak handles.

Our Clam Shovels are also a great trench or tight-spot digging shovel.

  • Silver/Gray
  • Bright Blue
  • Sunset Gold
  • Sunset Red

Our 18/8 Stainless Steel Clam Gun is the lightest weight and strongest clam gun on the market, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Constructed entirely of Grade 304 Stainless Steel, our Stainless Clam Gun has a 32" overall height, and a 5" diameter tube to prevent cracked or damaged clams.

Our stainless steel clam gun is now also available with a Vacuum Release tube, which breaks the sand tension for super easy digging!